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At Tree House Care we provide quality fostering families for children who are in care. We recruit the right foster carers, who want to help us give our children a chance to be the very best they can be. We give our foster carers the tools they need to do this, with our own specialised training and support.

We are committed to striving for new and improved ways to provide excellent care for our children and young people and Ofsted recognised that “a significant strength is the agency’s commitment to the research-informed therapeutic approaches to caring for children and young people.” You can find out more about our therapeutic approach here.

You can find out more about our therapeutic approach here

Doing the right thing

We want all our communities to benefit from the positive contribution our children will make when they are healed and able to thrive. Our vision is that our children reach their potential as happy, healthy members of society who, in turn, will become loving, effective parents to their own children. Everything we do is focused on doing the right thing for our children.


There are 5 values that underpin everything we do at Tree House Care:


    Doing the right thing

    We operate in a fair, honest and open manner. We are transparent in our actions and share our motivations, our struggles and our successes. We are straight-talking, straightforward and do what we say. We trust our staff and carers and make sure they can trust us.


    We’re in this together

    We work in partnership towards a common goal, giving everyone the chance, voice and opportunity to be heard. We all benefit from sharing our knowledge and experience, which helps our staff, carers and children achieve better futures.


    Helping our children grow

    We provide the very best care that we can, that is warm, safe, creative and with high aspirations. We give children and young adults positive experiences of life to create good memories. They learn to make their own decisions and are optimistic about their future. We create an environment they can come back to, and they go into the world wanting to contribute. We focus on creating good memories, happy todays, hopeful futures.


    Always ambitious

    We are motivated by our goals and a desire to make real-world change. We believe in a culture of continuous improvement and optimism for the future. We inspire our foster carers to be the best they can be through cutting-edge training in an inclusive and supportive environment.


    Constantly raising the bar

    We believe Tree House Care should be synonymous with outstanding quality and customer satisfaction. We constantly raise the bar in therapeutic foster care and hold every individual accountable for doing their best work.


Did you know, we have been providing safe homes for children for over 20 years! We started in 2000 with a small group of foster carers with a passion for creating a service that was truly outstanding. This followed the success of the Dean and Grove Children’s Home which has been providing a safe, homely environment for children since 1998.

Today we have foster carers across Humberside and Lincolnshire, Yorkshire, the East Midlands and the North West, but we pride ourselves on remaining a small, family-style agency with a friendly, local feel.

We’re grateful that so many of our original team are still working with us today, using their expertise and ambition to help us make a real difference.

If you’d like to become part of the team, please email

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What our carers say

[Our Supervising Link Worker] has been absolutely amazing, and I really love working with her, we both do. We have had tremendous support from her, she is so brilliant. Tree House, I just think they are brilliant. As an ex-local authority foster carer, the difference is immense.

One of the things I love about Tree House is that they recognise that you can’t have outstanding quality for children without offering great support for the foster carers, who may be living with children with learning disabilities or autistic spectrum disorder. It sounds so simple but it’s something that many companies overlook.

Wow we had some lovely flowers delivered today!!! We would like to say thank you to you as an agency for these and all the support we have had. We would also like to say thank you for the birthday cards we have received since joining Tree House. Little things like this are really appreciated.

Tree House are exceptional. Support from [our Supervising Link Worker] is above and beyond, and overall staff at Tree House are very supportive.

Wow, we have just arrived to start our break and not sure what we were expecting but the caravan has surpassed our expectations. We are sat on the decking having our cup of tea before we go across to the main events, and we are totally chilling. Can’t believe we have this facility available to us. Thank you all very much. Now we can speak from experience about one more of the added extras to prospective foster carers.

Throughout my 12 years of fostering with Tree House my Supervising Link Worker has been the most honest, supportive person I have worked alongside. She always keeps me updated with training, offers support and advice in any decisions about my child and is so supportive during the upsetting times. She always helps with his struggles, suggesting new ways to help manage his behaviour.

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