Why Foster with Us?

  • Why choose us?

    In a nutshell, Tree House Care provides everything you should be looking for in a fostering agency. We know every single one of our carers and take a personal interest in their success.

    We go the extra mile to ensure all our carers are supported at all times. This includes quality training to equip carers with the skills and knowledge to handle a wide range of situations. There is also the reassurance of round-the-clock support and expert advice on tap.

    At Tree House Care, we always strive to improve our service still further, constantly embracing the latest research, therapies and innovations so we can stay one step ahead.
    In particular, our Trauma Intervention Care Service is truly unique and unlike any other therapeutic fostering service currently available in the UK.

    However perhaps the last word should go to the children themselves.

    See our Children’s Survey.


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  • Did you know?

    We provide all our carers with quality training to handle a range of situations

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